08 Jan

“PowerPoint Presentations are a New way to Conduct Information”

A great article this morning by PR-Canada on the state of a slide presentations turning into new media.

They  focus primarily on PowerPoint software for creating presentations, but I think it’s safe to say that all slide presentations, whether they are created in PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or SlideRocket should be developed carefully with a companies brand in mind.

It’s nice to see articles such as these as they solidify my choice to do graphic design work almost exclusively for slide presentations.  Slides provide a great deal of information about a company in addition to the content they provide. They silently reveal a companies commitment to quality and any incorrectly designed information could be gravely misinterpreted causing potential damages.

Some great quotes that perfectly sum up the story:

“the PowerPoint can be considered a core portfolio of the professional and does carry information about the working methods of the company”
“From the moment the information leaves the company through the Internet, it becomes impossible to control who can see it and which way the client can interpret what they see. A PowerPoint presentation poorly designed can be a sign of sloppiness.”
“take care of your PowerPoint presentation the same manner as [you] take care of your logo.”

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