14 Jan

Top 5 Presentation Stories of the Week (Jan 9-15)

There are TONS of presentation blogs and sources on the web. If you’re a busy professional you probably don’t have time to read all of them.  Also, some don’t always offer the best advice so I’ve decided to sift through and pick out most worthy posts each week.

Here’s a roundup of the 5 stories for the week of Jan 9 to Jan 15.

1. Prezentation Zen: We Don’t Seek Your Perfection, Only Your Authenticity

Analysis of Dr. Brene Browns’ TED Presentation and how she exemplifies the “naked presenter”.  Includes TED video and slide examples that should be a good inspiration for those who watch.

2. Ethos 3: Editable vs. Not-Editable Decks

A practical post that touches on system compatibility and high-end presentation production. If you’re presenting for large keynote audiences and need your presentations in various formats you should probably read this.

3. Apollo Ideas: Your Last Slide: It’s not over until

Your presentations don’t end with your last slide. A short post how a bad Q&A can change audience perceptions.

4. Slideshare: Everyone has a crystal ball

Slideshare picked presentations for 2011 trends. The slides themselves are not good. I would put them in a rather mediocre to bad category. But it’s good to see what doesn’t work so you don’t make the same mistakes yourself. It’s good practice to look at as much examples as possible.

5. Forbes, Carmine Gallo: Cisco CEO shares the stage at CES

Review of the Cisco presentation at CES, highlighting what it takes to create a great demonstrative presentation.

BONUS! Hilarious video presentation poking fun at case study presentations

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