07 Mar

Presentation Inspiration : The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect

Cool little informational video for your inspiration. This was most likely created in Adobe After Effects and credits Luke Harris Graphics and @professorfunk


22 Dec

Presentation Inspiration: Being a Believable Presenter

It is no secret that I have a soft spot for technology and science. I almost exclusively work with tech companies on their PowerPoint presentations.
It wasn’t until junior year in high school when I finally had to make a choice between art and science, and science ended up in the backseat. The only studio art class and the science fair class were scheduled at exactly the same time and since the science fair class was created for kids like me that’s where I was initially placed. That’s when I realized I really wanted to be in that art class. Fast forward to today, and I’m what a friend creative director calls a scientific graphic designer.

I often live vicariously through my design work for technology companies. I have the pleasure of learning how all kinds of different and somewhat unheard of technologies work. Being able to combine my desire to design and interest in technology is the epitome of “doing what you love”.

So I’d like to share a video presentation from a new favorite Youtube channel EngineerGuyVideo by Bill Hammack. If you look Bill up you’ll be directed to EngineerGuy.com where the website tagline reads “The most irreverent & playful engineering videos ever made!” And indeed they are.

These videos are amazing because you can tell that Bill enjoys explaining how things work. He kind of reminds me of Bill Nye. He makes the subject matter enjoyable and that kind of believability doesn’t come from practice alone.

17 Dec

Inspiration: Stop Motion Animation in a Google Docs Presentation

Ok this is amazing. Period.

It probably took an insane amount of time to make but awesome proof that if you’re creative you’ll be amazing at any media. Kudos to the folks at Google for putting this EPIC presentation together. 😉

Enjoy & Have a Great Weekend.

13 Dec

Vintage Presentation Inspiration: IBM 1975

This morning I got a nice little surprise while browsing Google Reader Play. A vintage presentation by IBM from 1975 explaining their revolutionary technology at that time.
After some digging I found additional images and perhaps the original post on Square America

Since it’s 1975 these slides clearly pre-date PowerPoint.  They actually look more like the presentation revolution that is happening today versus what’s been going on with PowerPoint presentations in most conference rooms in the last 10 years.  The slides are well designed with a bold color scheme and focus on a single message per slide.  It’s simple and clever.

Here is a small sample of the slides for your presentation inspiration.

Vintage Presentation: 1975 IBM Slide

14 Oct

Presentation Inspiration: The Internet of Things

A quite beautiful animated presentation explaining the internet by IBMSocialMedia.

This short video is a great example of combining a story to explain technology and make it rateable to people.




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