13 Dec

Vintage Presentation Inspiration: IBM 1975

This morning I got a nice little surprise while browsing Google Reader Play. A vintage presentation by IBM from 1975 explaining their revolutionary technology at that time.
After some digging I found additional images and perhaps the original post on Square America

Since it’s 1975 these slides clearly pre-date PowerPoint.  They actually look more like the presentation revolution that is happening today versus what’s been going on with PowerPoint presentations in most conference rooms in the last 10 years.  The slides are well designed with a bold color scheme and focus on a single message per slide.  It’s simple and clever.

Here is a small sample of the slides for your presentation inspiration.

Vintage Presentation: 1975 IBM Slide

14 Oct

Presentation Inspiration: The Internet of Things

A quite beautiful animated presentation explaining the internet by IBMSocialMedia.

This short video is a great example of combining a story to explain technology and make it rateable to people.




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